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BGC Precast is the unrivalled leader in the manufacturing of precast (Hollowcore) concrete slabs, beams, walls, staircases and noisewalls for large building, construction & civil projects.


Choosing BGC Precast as the provider of precast concrete & hollowcore products is an investment in your project’s success.


BGC Precast stand unique amongst other precast companies because we employ in-house structural engineers to provide quality design advice. Whilst other companies will just

manufacture off the project drawings, BGC actively look for ways to value-engineer the project to our customer’s advantage. Consulting Engineers regularly contact us to tap into our 40 plus years of valuable precast structural design experience: evidenced by the collection of awards for excellence and innovation garnered by our engineering team.

Our Solutions
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Boasting a huge storage area, state-of-the-art production facilities and the financial muscle of the BGC group — you have a company perfectly positioned to tackle any project, large or small.


BGC Precast takes great pride in delivering a high quality, standards compliant and technically advanced product to our customers.

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BGC has invested in new modern precast manufacturing premises in Kwinana, boasting the latest in automated hollowcore slab manufacturing equipment, as well as a clean, up to date, wall panel production facility.


BGC Precast manufactures high quality architectural and structural precast hollowcore concrete floor slabs, wall panels, columns, beams, noisewalls and stairs to our client’s requirements in our modern factory in Kwinana. In the many years that we have been operational, we have developed a reputation for exceptional quality, unrivalled service and timely delivery.

Due to the financial strength of the BGC Group, long lead times are easily accommodated, and we boast the largest finished goods factory storage area available in Perth – all under cranage!

Read more detailed information and find out more about our precast concrete products below.


Fast and cost-effective alternative to in-situ suspended slabs


BGC Precast manufacture hollowcore planks to a standard width of 1.2m, and thereafter cut to length & widths to suit the customer’s requirements. Plank thicknesses vary depending on the span and load on the panels.

We manufacture these planks in a comprehensive incremental set of 7 standard thicknesses, from 160mm up to 500mm (½m thick), for spans in excess of 20m. No other hollowcore manufacturer in WA offers such a complete range.

Uses & Benefits

  • Large spans up to 20m or more
  • Fast installation
  • Labour saving
  • No site curing
  • Generally does not require propping, thus giving following trades immediate unrestricted access
  • Prestressed, so very efficient usage of reinforcing resulting in reduced cost
  • Flexible design
  • Extremely cost-effective


Decorative Precast Concrete Wall Panels

We manufacture high quality architectural and structural wall panels to your specific requirements in our modern factory in Kwinana. Stringent quality controls, willingness to innovate and a strong customer focus are the reasons we are regarded as Perth’s leading manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete wall panels.

We are able to provide you with wall panels in a variety of panel finishes and colours and have examples on display in our manufacturing facility. Our highly experienced office staff can help you develop the best approach to your project, from panel selection and finish, through to rigging, transportation and installation; all key cost drivers so often overlooked when contemplating precast concrete wall panels.

Hollowcore Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Hollowcore can also be employed as an extremely cost-effective solution for walling. In this application, the edges of the panels are modified to a “tongue and groove” configuration, which when employed with a sealant, gives a watertight joint. The savings effected, can be as much as 2/3 the cost of conventional precast wall panels.

Uses & Benefits

  • Extremely versatile solutions
  • Wide variety of design choices
  • Very cost-effective
  • Versatility in application
  • Constructed to the highest standards


Utilising our state of the art battery mold, BGC precast is the supplier of choice for these walls. For standard flat grey panels, as witnessed on the Mitchell and Kwinana freeway widening projects, the battery mold’s quality and speed of mass production is the way to go. For patterned noisewalls, BGC Precast utilise heated tilting beds, which also allow fast stripping times and aid in mass production.

Hollowcore Wall Panel Profile Drawings

Wall panel thicknesses other than 200mm are available on application.



Manufactured under stringent factory controlled conditions to ensure first-class quality, precast concrete beams and columns that we manufacture to your requirements are available in plain off-shutter concrete, or coloured and patterned, thus giving the designer complete freedom of expression.

Uses & Benefits

  • Pre-manufactured ahead of time
  • Greater quality than casting in situ
  • Immediately available for use once on site
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Cost-effective and faster installation

Precast Beam & Column Profile Drawings

Because each project is unique, please speak to us about any technical information you require.


When it comes to precast concrete stairs of the highest quality and specification, BGC Precast are the industry leaders in Western Australia. Prefabricated at our state of the art manufacturing plant, your stairs will be available for you before they are needed on-site, providing for simpler, faster and more cost-effective installation that traditional in situ casting of concrete stairs would be.

Please note that the drawing linked below (PDF format) is of our current stair mould, but other variations in tread and riser are available upon request.

Precast Stairs, Standard Mould Drawing

Uses & Benefits

  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • The perfect complement to hollowcore flooring systems
  • Tread and riser configurations to your requirements
  • Easier installation
  • Better quality than stairs cast in situ
  • Available exactly when you need them

Precast Concrete Stairs Profile Drawings


View some of our many high quality, innovative precast projects.

Our core values

Customer Focus & Quality

Putting our customers front and centre of our work and delivering quality products and services, first time, every time.

Ownership & Performance

Taking responsibility for our work and having pride in our success; raising our standards to the next level.

Teamwork & People

We encourage collaboration and respect by sharing knowledge and investing in training to increase productivity and to improve efficiency.


To be the preferred supplier of precast concrete elements in the construction industry.


To manufacture quality precast concrete products and provide services that consistently meet and exceeds client’s expectation in an environment where safety of our people is paramount and quality is a lifestyle. Repeat business is the measure of our success.