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We manufacture and supply high quality precast concrete products to the
WA building and construction industries.

Project Capacity

Boasting a huge storage area, state-of-the-art production facilities and the financial muscle of the BGC group—you have a company perfectly positioned to tackle any project, large or small.

A Quality Product

BGC Precast takes great pride in delivering a high quality, standards compliant and technically advanced product to our customers.

BGC Precast is ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) compliant. View our QMS certificate.

We work with you, not just for you.

Investment in the Future

In recognition of the increasing use of precast concrete – a trend which will only accelerate, BGC has invested in new modern precast manufacturing premises in Kwinana, boasting the latest in automated hollowcore slab manufacturing equipment, as well as a clean, up to date, wall panel production facility.

By harnessing the very latest technology, we thrive on the challenge to craft an innovative,
winning solution

Precast Concrete Hollowcore Flooring

Hollowcore Flooring, as manufactured by BGC Precast, is a lightweight versatile flooring system.

BGC Precast is a member of the International Precast Hollowcore Association


It contains the following advantages:

  • large spans up to 20m or more
  • fast installation
  • labour saving
  • no site curing
  • generally does not require propping, thus giving following trades immediate unrestricted access
  • prestressed, so very efficient useage of reinforcing resulting in reduced cost
  • flexible design
  • extremely cost effective

Technical Details

BGC Precast manufacture hollowcore planks to a standard width of 1.2m, and thereafter cut to length & widths to suit the customer's requirements.

Plank thicknesses vary depending on the span and load on the panels.

We manufacture these planks in a comprehensive incremental set of 7 standard thicknesses, from 160mm up to 500mm (½m thick), for spans in excess of 20m. No other hollowcore manufacturer in WA offers such a complete range.

Hollowcore Slab Profile Drawings

We provide a very user-friendly design programme which is available on application. This programme enables the engineer to size the panel and then determine the amount of prestress reinforcement, to ensure that the panel complies completely with the Australian design regulations, especially deflections.

Load span charts, while useful, do not cover this aspect of panel design.

If your project does not yet have an engineer, and you need to have an idea of panel sizes, please contact us and one of our in-house engineers will be happy to provide you with this information on a preliminary basis.

Manufacture of Hollowcore Flooring at BGC Precast

BGC's precast hollowcore planks are manufactured at Australia's most modern precast concrete flooring factory. Located in Kwinana, Western Australia, the fully automated factory comprises a batch plant, Elematic E9 extruder and a concrete transport and delivery system, all controlled from a central computer.

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Manufactured at our new precast concrete factory in Kwinana.

BGC Precast manufacture high quality architectural and /or structural wall panels to client's requirements in their modern factory in Kwinana. In the 6 years since inception, we have deservedly developed a reputation for high quality, and timeous delivery.

Due to the financial strength of the BGC Group, long lead times are easily accommodated, and we boast the largest finished goods factory storage area, available in Perth, all under craneage!

Stringent quality controls, willingness to innovate, an entrepreneurial spirit, strong customer focus; these are words best used to describe our precast panel manufacturing business. We have a wide variety of panel finishes and colours, on display for customers who visit our works, and our highly experienced back room staff can help you develop the best approach to your project, from panel selection and finish, through to rigging, transportation and installation; all key cost drivers so often overlooked when contemplating precast concrete wall panels.

Many examples of our work abound in Perth, and customers are able to chose the project(s) most similar to their requirements, visit them and confirm that what we offer is world class. No wonder growth continues to be phenomenal.

Hollowcore Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Hollowcore can also be employed as an extremely cost effective solution for walling. In this application, the edges of the panels are modified to a "tongue and groove" configuration, which when employed with a sealant, gives a watertight joint.

The accompanying pictures show versatility, both in fixing to the support structure and in solving openings in the wall.

The savings effected, can be as much as 2/3 the cost of conventional precast wall panels.

Hollowcore Wall Panel Profile Drawings

Other wall panel thicknesses other than 200mm are available on application.

Precast Concrete Beams & Columns

BGC Precast concrete beams and columns are the modern way to build your structure.

Manufactured under stringent factory controlled conditions to ensure first class quality, these items are available in plain off-shutter concrete, or coloured and patterned, thus giving the designer complete freedom of expression.

Pre-manufactured ahead of time, their use greatly speeds up the construction process, at quality unsurpassable by site casting techniques, and once installed, can immediately be put to use without any curing time. Use them as a co-product to our hollowcore, and you have a combination, winning in all aspects:


Precast Concrete Stairs

As a complement to our hollowcore flooring systems, we also manufacture precast stairs. The following drawing (PDF format) is of our current stair mould, but other variations in tread and riser are available on request.

  Precast Stairs, Standard Mould


We at BGC precast, pride ourselves at being at the forefront of innovation in our industry.

Several recent projects spring to mind, including:

Denham Water Tanks

For the Denham water tanks we precast large sections of the tanks and then trucked them up to Denham (near Monkey Mia) for assembly and installation on site.

Articulated Concrete Block Revetment

We have developed the unique technology required to produce these large erosion control mats for the Roy Hill Project, in record time, and using our own in-house developed automated process.

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